Organ Specific Cancers

All the organs in the human Body can be affected by the Cancer. To list some organ specific Cancers – Brain Cancer, Lung Cancer, Prostate Cancer, Heart Cancer, Throat Cancer etc..

Once an organ is completely affected by the Cancer then the cancer cells are free to move and affect surrounding cells.

Till date more than 200 types of the cancers have been identified by the researchers. The level of threat also depends upon the area/Organ affected by Cancer.

Track 2-1: Bone Cancer
Track 2-2: Skin Cancer
Track 2-3: Pancreatic Cancer
Track 2-4: Brain Cancer
Track 2-5: Prostate cancer
Track 2-6: Blood cancer
Track 2-7: Liver Cancer
Track 2-8: Colorectal Cancer
Track 2-9: Oral Cancer
Track 2-10: Throat Cancer
Track 2-11: Thyroid Cancer
Track 2-12: Cervical Cancer
Track 2-13: Ovarian Cancer
Track 2-14: Occular Cancer
Track 2-15: Kidney Cancer

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