Call for Abstracts: Translational Oncology

Translational Oncology is the field of Cancer Research where a series of research conducted at the labs come out with a novel approach towards the cancer therapy. This branch of science involves many interdisciplinary subjects. Researchers here will have to be familiar with all the knowledge. This is considered to be the next big thing in CancerResearch with great no of employability and Commercial opportunities available. Translational research has advanced from recognizing a solitary change driving genome to the high-throughput cutting edge entire genome sequencing investigations. Late advances in Omics have expanded our insight into the procedures underlying malignancy development. Tumor HeterogeneityPrecision MedicineDNA repair technologyMore..."24th Global Meet on Cancer Research and Oncology" (CANCER 2018)- Toronto, is now accepting the abstract under the category- Translational Oncology. To submit your abstracts under this category, visit: Abstract Submission- Cancer C…

Cancer News - 2018

A promising new cancer drug has hit a major setback, raising questions about whether the field is moving too fast:
The surprising failure last month of a large clinical trial of a promising cancer immunotherapy drug from the biotech company Incyte has quickly reverberated across the pharmaceutical industry. Three companies have canceled, suspended, or downsized 12 other phase III trials of the compound, epacadostat, or two similar drugs, together slated to enroll more than 5000 patients with a variety of advanced cancers. The companies say they aren't dropping the potential drugs, designed to unleash the immune system on cancer cells by blocking an enzyme called indoleamine (2,3)-dioxygenase (IDO). But the retrenching suggests that the frenzy to combine novel drugs with the wildly successful immunotherapies known as checkpoint inhibitors is outpacing the science. The IDO strategy, says neuroimmunologist Michael Platten of the University of Heidelberg in Germany, "has been mo…

Call for Abstracts: Cancer Diagnosis

Cancer is considered to be the mail reason for deaths across the globe. The cure for cancer is still a matter of research. However there are few curing techniques available only if the person is diagnosed at the early growth stages. So cancer diagnosis becomes a very important part of an individual’s survival.

The procedure normally starts with a man going by their family specialist with a particular protest or manifestation or on the grounds that something was recognized amid a standard registration. Subsequent to taking a therapeutic history and playing out a physical examination, the specialist will concoct a rundown of potential reasons for the issue, more often than not alluded to as a differential finding. Tests (for instance, research facility tests, x-beams), systems or a meeting with an authority will enable specialists to decide the correct determination. The determination of tumor quite often requires an examination of a tissue test from an anomalous region (biopsy). Looking…

Call for Abstracts: Cancer Biology

Cancer is the uncontrolled growth of the host cell. This behaviour often results in formation of a lump which is termed as Tumor. Cancer Biology deals with total behaviour of the cancer cell in the host. This involves finding the cause of the abnormal behaviour of cells, how these cancer cells progress and move to other organs, cell growth, metastasis, their effect on usual organ functioning, role of the host immune system  in controlling it etc… To understand all these aspects one has to study these cells at the molecular level. Signalling between the cells holds the solution for all these. Though the recent research on these has revealed a great amount of knowledge base but for many questions related to the cancer progress, diagnosis, cure and Management answers are found only by understanding the basic knowledge obtained after the study Biology of these Cancer Cells. Abstract submission portal for the "24th Global Meet on Cancer Research and Oncology" is open now. Research…

CANCER 2018 - Announcement

Pulsus Conference is proud to announce that "24th Global Meet on Cancer Research and Oncology" (CANCER 2018) is going to be held at Toronto, Canada on September 14-15, 2018. Please find more details on the same below-
                   24th Global Meet on
Cancer Research and Oncology Sept 14-15, 2018 Toronto, Canada

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Theme: Breaching Frontiers in Cancer Research and Oncology

About: CancerResearch is branch of Science that deals with research topics related to tumors, to identify the cause for their appearance and to develop counter molecules for them. Cancer Research has evolved in a great extension which now includes the subjects of GeneticsBioinformatics and Nanotechnology etc… Cancer Research involves many interdisciplinary research areas. Researc…

Organ Specific Cancers

Track 2: Organ Specific Cancers All the organs in the human Body can be affected by the Cancer. To list some organ specific Cancers – Brain Cancer, Lung Cancer, Prostate Cancer, Heart Cancer, Throat Cancer etc..
Once an organ is completely affected by the Cancer then the cancer cells are free to move and affect surrounding cells.
Till date more than 200 types of the cancers have been identified by the researchers. The level of threat also depends upon the area/Organ affected by Cancer.
Track 2-1: Bone Cancer Track 2-2: Skin Cancer Track 2-3: Pancreatic Cancer Track 2-4: Brain Cancer Track 2-5: Prostate cancer Track 2-6: Blood cancer Track 2-7: Liver Cancer Track 2-8: Colorectal Cancer Track 2-9: Oral Cancer Track 2-10: Throat Cancer Track 2-11: Thyroid Cancer Track 2-12: Cervical Cancer Track 2-13: Ovarian Cancer Track 2-14: Occular Cancer Track 2-15: Kidney Cancer
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